Somfy is the world leading French manufacturer and distributor of motors and controls for the motorization of residential rolling shutters and garage doors.

By installing them you will enjoy:

Greater convenience: Open and close your shutters with a simple touch of a button, from anywhere in your home.
Greater durability: Their controls, increase the lifetime of the rolling shutters by their smooth and controlled operation.
Energy efficiency: By installing a Somfy timer, you can allow your rolling shutters to open and close automatically when needed. Motorized rolling shutters reduce heat loss by 15% to 20% in comparison to manually operated shutters.


For more than  years, SIMU is the pattern for manufactures of rolling shutters, industrial and garage doors. Thanks to their philosophy towards their cooperator, SIMU is not just a supplier: it designs and constructs reliable solutions at motorizing that are time lasting. It constructs a wide range of motors, photocells, door sills, emergency brakes and garage door automation.


Light is energy, heat, life. This is the direction in which Vimar have been working, since 1945, with passion and a desire to innovate. Product quality has always been their core business. And customer satisfaction their aim. They have grown by interpreting the evolution of the housing styles of a society undergoing fast transformation: from the simple electrical installation, which mainly needed safety, to modern home automation systems, which make technology a daily ally. They are also present on the international scene, with production and assembly units and sales offices all over the world.